Another publisher, another kind of story

July 21, 2021 Off By Judi Daykin
Over the winter I re-started a project writing short ghost stories. Woven around the Norfolk tale of the Babes in the Wood, the project became five interwoven ghost stories, each from different time periods and each involving sightings of the Babes in some way. It’s called Wayland Babes.
I am delighted to announce that Hobeck Books have agreed to publish them. We are working to a tight time scale and have an anticipated publication date of 19th October, just in time for Halloween. The book will be available on Kindle, KU and as a paperback. The paperback will be available to independent book stores, so if you have any favourites do let them know.
I will also be seeking bookshops or other venues who might like a reading/Q&A and signing style of event during October.
This is the culmination of an idea I first had thirty years ago, so never give up!
ps/DS Sara Hirst novels are still with Joffe Books, this doesn’t affect the work I do for them and Sara book 3 is in the pipeline.
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